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I was a Teenage Orca

I was a Teenage Orca

By shadowlugia249



You think I’m scary?

Go ahead… scream, yell, run!

Just remember, I was once like you: a normal, everyday human being; not a care in the world.

But then I had to be an idiot and this all happened to me. My fluke still hurts just thinking about it. Not a day goes by that I don’t think: “Why did I do that? Was my life worth that of my family’s? What would’ve happened if I hadn’t acted the way I did?”

My family has gotten over the shock by now. I kind of enjoy the wide-open seas to the life in a busy city.

You’re probably wondering what the heck I’m talking about by now. Well… It’s a long story and I still feel uncomfortable talking about it. But I have to tell someone who’ll listen.

Will you?


I couldn’t believe my luck! A cloudless day to go tubing off the shores of the Florida Keys with almost no humidity and a decent breeze was the recipe for a great day on the waves!

My mom had just moved from the prairies of Minnesota with her husband to retire from her old desk job in the Minnesotan Cities. My sisters, Randi and Laura, and I had taken a trip with them to help them unpack. This was probably the last time that we were going to see them for a while, so we planned to live out every moment of it with enjoyment. I had even left my GameBoy back at their house to go tubing with everybody.

I raised my arms in a trademark sign that I had created personally and yelled out with joy.

Randi rolled her eyes. “I think we can hear you.”

I ignored her. Nothing could ruin this moment. I was finally in the right area to see and touch one of the massive killer whales for the first time. All my life I could only see but not touch them in the Minnesota Zoo. But now I could finally get to see and feel them in their natural habitat.

I have a thing for touching things because I am autistic. I have mental issues that have been with me my whole life. But that didn’t stop me from living a normal life with everyone else. I like to think of it as a gift that would come in handy one day.

Nevertheless, I was fidgety while we rode a rental boat out to where a pod of killer whales hung out on a regular basis.

“Where are they?” I asked, looking around for the pod.

“We’re not quite there yet,” said Mom. “Sit, Ooboo.”

“Don’t wanna…” I like to play games when I get a direction.

“Sit down or I’ll throw you off this boat myself.”

I smiled. Mom’s “threats” were completely harmless. She always joked around when we were in a good mood. Regardless, I sat down next to her and put my arm around her shoulder.

“Off!” She squirmed and lifted my hand off a little harder than normal.


“What the heck?!” I said, looking for the source of the noise.

“Oh, my God!” screamed Laura, getting up. “I gotta get a picture of this!”

“What? What’s going on?!”

“We found them!” said Dean from the wheel.

“Orcas!” I was ecstatic. “Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy!!!”

“Slow down there, Killer.” Randi dug for her cell phone.

A massive pod of killer whales were breaching less than 100 feet from our boat like they had been expecting us. I could hear them singing to us.

“They should get a record deal.”

Dean laughed boisterously along with Mom’s “funny-but-not-funny” chuckle. Randi and Laura just groaned.

Dean slowed the boat to a stop and went to get the tubing gear ready.

“I go first; I called it!”

There was some argument between the three of us until Mom interjected, saying, “Alex called it back at the dock; he goes first.”


A few minutes later and I was laid out flat on the inner tube with some orcas swimming close by. I managed to tag one’s nose as it swam by. It had a really bouncy feel to it kind of like stretched wet rubber from the bottom of new shoes. I had kind of expected this but I didn’t expect its skin to be so taut and bouncy like this. The whale flapped its tail at me while sending a wave through the inner tube, nearly capsizing it.

“Whoa!!! Tidal wave!” I called, holding on carefully. When it subsided, I called to the boat, “I’m okay! They’re just giving me a hard time!”

“Are you ready to go?” yelled Mom from the deck.

I quickly gave the peace sign and grabbed the tube again. Dean revved the engine and I was off!

I held on for dear life as the tube followed in the boat’s wake, bouncing and skipping on the water. The speed was fast enough that my legs just smacked off the surface. I could see a whale or two’s dorsal fins speeding by. I figured that if they want a race, they’ll get one! Trying to see through the constant spray of the waves, I gave the thumbs-up to speed up.

We were going fast enough now that my toes were barely skimming the water now. The orcas were still outdoing us, so I decided to up the ante and go for broke. I signaled for the maximum speed.

I just barely hung on as the boat began to turn left and head back to our original take-off spot. This was the hard part; I have had very wet wipe-outs on turns. A black fin went under the rope spanning the gap between the boat and the inner tube.

And then I could’ve sworn I saw a huge, huge tailfin coming from the opposite direction that the boat was now heading. I’m not very good with measurements, but I’m pretty sure that the fin itself was eight feet wide from tip to tip. I also noticed that a rather large dorsal fin had now surfaced and was in hot pursuit of the tube.

What happened next still is unclear to me. I can’t remember if I let go of the tube handles because I couldn’t hold on any longer or because I wanted to see this mammoth mammal for myself. Regardless, I released the inner tube, bounced painfully off the water for a few feet and then finally landed with a splash in the ocean. I held my lower extremities painfully because that first and last bounce had hit me hard below the belt. This had happened before, but that didn’t stop me from wincing in pain.

I treaded water while I waited for the boat to get back. I had lost sight of the giant orca, and to my disappointment, it did not resurface.

That was because it was UNDER ME!!! Something clamped down just below my right knee and sucked me under! My foot was in a massive mouth! I pulled and yanked my leg out from between its teeth while cutting it to ribbons in the process. I broke the surface of the water in a panic and yelled out to the boat, which was nearly upon me.

“Help me!!!” I cried in pain. “One of those orcas attacked me!”

At first they thought I was kidding; I had been known to give false alarms. But then they saw the blood and started panicking. They quickly backed the boat over to me just as something warm collided with my gut. Before I could grab anything, something tugged me below the surface again.

I struggled to get to the surface but whatever was pulling on me was hurting me at the same time as it dragged me even deeper. I couldn’t breathe! I tried to tear the rope-like thing from my gut, but it felt like I was ripping one of my own arms off. Warm, foreign liquids were starting to flow into me. What the heck was going on here?!

I couldn’t hold my breath any longer. I exhaled, but couldn’t inhale. I opened my eyes and saw a horrendous sight. The huge orca was swimming on its back with a long, ropy cord coming from its… oh my God! I was linked to this creature by a lifeline… literally. I could feel the hot, exotic blood flowing through my system as my breathing was completely done via this birth cord.

The orca itself was at least three times bigger than a normal one. It was definitely a freak of nature! It was also reeling me into itsbirth canal like a hooked fish.

I was starting to black out as my head entered the slot at least my height in its length. Muscles were compressing around me while my body traveled through the warm tunnel. Eventually I reached a large chamber deep inside the whale with my whole body burning from the orca blood inside it. I eventually passed out from the various pains shooting through my skin.


I don’t know how much time had passed while I was inside the whale. I thought it was all a horrible dream that I expected to end every time I woke up. I was constantly in pain as my body was morphing from all the killer whale blood in my system. In my… er… fetal position… I could feel my fingers melting together as they became thick and webbed. My skin was constantly boiling while blubber and fat flowed into it, thickening it and smoothing it out. My skin pigment changed from pale peach to jet-black and it stretched like rubber. I can’t even describe the pain that I experienced while inside this animal, body being constantly molded by this creature that I had once considered playful.

I was also gaining an appendage in my lower back. I knew that I was gaining a tail, but that didn’t stop me from trying to endure the painful process. My skull was the hardest part to endure. My entire face was realigned to match a killer whale’s snout with two rows of small, pointed teeth. My old nose sealed over with blubber but my air canal was rerouted to the back of my head where a new blowhole was created.

The transformation did not leave my brain out of the equation… but it was like I had gained a second consciousness instead a of complete species shift. Granted, my human mind was no longer dominant, but it didn’t disappear completely. I would just have to learn to deal with the more dominant part of my new being.


Eventually, the transformations ended and I had become accustomed to living inside a whale’s womb, but it did not last long. I began running out of room to be comfortable. My human mind felt that I was about to escape from this biological prison. My ORCA mind wanted to get out of its mother soon because the vital nutrients being fed to me via the orca’s life-cord were starting to run out. I started struggling against the walls of the chamber, trying to tell my “mother” that I wanted out.

I didn’t have to wait long. Eventually my struggling punched a hole in the birth chamber’s walls, draining the fluids out of my animal mother. I still couldn’t breathe properly because that vile cord was still attached to my belly. My “mother’s” chamber walls began spasming and pushing and I immediately found my tail and legs surrounded by cool salt water from the outside. It was then that I realized something for the first time: why did I still have legs? If I had completely transformed, I should’ve been a full-fledged orca. This kind of situation reminded me of all of the anthropomorohic stories that I had read about where people had transformed into animals but still retained some human traits and personalities. I had never expected the stories to be true.

Pushing me out up to the knees seemed to have taken a lot out of her because she stopped pushing with my legs and tail out in order to take a breath.

I waited over an hour before she started pushing again. At first it was all in vain, but then with a tremendous heave, the lifeline detached and I was shot out with a jet of birth fluids. I was reborn in very warm tropical waters. Using my new tail, webbed hands and feet and my orca-ish instincts, I swam to the surface for a breath of pure, clean air through my new blowhole. It felt so good to see the sun again! I felt as if I were stepping into the world for the very first time.

Taking a deep breath, I went down to see my “mother”. She was emitting a series of high-frequency sounds that I couldn’t have understood as a human.

She seemed to be saying, “Hello, my son. Welcome to the world.”

Even though the human part of me was still loyal to my original family, another part of me accepted this fate and responded, “Mother! I’m here!”


I didn’t get a good look at my new form until I looked at some reflective rocks off the coast of Chile. I had to admit, I was one of a kind and I still am. My face had a bulbous nose on it with two white blotches in front of either baby-blue eye. My white throat, belly and underside shined brightly in the sunlight. Layer upon layer of blubber constructed my arms, torso and legs. I admired my thick, black, webbed fingers and smooth, rubbery skin as it only added to my beauty. A long, flexible and powerful tail with its own unique mark was now mine to control. I ran my hand down my spine, feeling the curved dorsal fin built into it. What a beautiful creature I was! I wondered what people would say when they saw me.

I felt, though, that this form was the first hurdle in a whole new life. And with that notion, Alex the Human died and Ashura the Orca took his place.