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Fur for All Occasions

Fur for All Occasions

By shadowlugia249


If I were given the same choice that had changed my life for good... I'd have to turn it down. I've grown too used to my new life to consider taking it back. The people who once made my life hell have paid their price and the benefits of my new life outweigh my old life.

I can finally say that I am happy for the first time in my life. Not only that, but I am with people that actually understand me and don't mind talking about their past lives -- as if it could ever harm them now.

I also don't mind sharing my story. It reeked of injustice and unfairness, but I'm not bothered by telling it anymore. I seem to get a warm and furry feeling whenever I think about that one day that everything turned upside down...


I absolutely hated going to school nowadays. I was a freshman in high school, and like most freshmen, I had to deal with the constant onslaught of bullies. I was teased whenever the opportunity presented itself to them, tattled on because they were so much more "trustworthy" than I was and taunted into reacting to comments they threw at me about my family and personal life.

In fact, the bullying was so great that a girl named Krystal Marker, who had been a freshman the year before, had supposedly committed suicide halfway through the semester. However, no one ever found her body and the case was still wide open.

Not long after she disappeared, the head cheerleader that once bullied her, Nona White vanished as well without a trace. The story was legendary around the school. Similar cases peppered the school's history. Most of the cases involved bullied freshmen and/or sophomores and the people that had once bullied them.

However, that didn't stop one particular junior, Mitchell Mueller, from bullying me to no end. I had to ride the same bus as him and I had more black-and-blue marks on me at the end of each week than a banana could ever get. I don't know what I ever did to tick him off, but he always managed to find an excuse to beat me up.

One particular Friday was just awful! In order to keep myself in my happy place, I had brought a pendant of my great-great-great grandfather's that I always kept on a table next to my bed. It was a wide, flat, silver disk on a silver chain with a star-shaped sapphire in the center. It was said to bring good dreams to those who deserve it. Granted, it wasn't foolproof, but every time that I get an extra-bad beating, it helps me get to sleep and forget the pain. I had never brought it to school before, so I kept it hidden in my shirt and prayed that it would get me through the day.

The reason that I wore it that particular day was because the junior football team had suffered a devastating loss at their homecoming game and Mitch was out for blood.

The pendant kept up its lucky streak throughout the whole day. For some reason, I didn't see Mitch at all in the hallways and he missed me at lunch. Unfortunately, this good day was just too good to be true. I could not avoid him on the bus and I paid dearly for my luck.

"Hey, Shaver! What's that around your neck?!"

Oh no. He saw the silver chain on the back of my neck. He meandered over to me and I was suddenly being strangled with my own chain as he ripped it off my neck.

"What is this? Jewelry?" he sneered.

"Give that back, Mitchell!" I said, standing up to face him. A vein was throbbing in my temple and my temper was reaching a boiling point, as it did so often these days.

"Or what? You're gonna paint my nails? Man, just when I thought you couldn't sink any lower, you show up with this thing!" He shoved me, daring me to react.

I instinctively looked out the window. 8th Street. I had to get my pendant back in two streets or I would probably lose it forever. Thankfully, Mitchell and I were the only two people left on the bus, so no one except the bus driver would see us in case a fight broke out between us.

Mitchell looked at my pendant with interest. "You know, I could probably make a few bucks with this... or I could feed it to my dog."

That's it. I'd heard enough. I lunged for my pendant but missed when Mitchell stepped aside. Turning around a second too early, I received a sharp kick way below the belt! I moaned and fell to the floor. Mitchell laughed loudly and got off the bus, pendant in hand.

When my stop came, I got gingerly off the bus and started down the driveway. But then I realized that I couldn't face my parents without my pendant. It had been a family heirloom and they would malice me with a shoehorn if they found out. I decided that I couldn't face them like this, so I decided to run away. I lived on the end of town and I decided to disappear into the woods behind my house.

I had had enough of my wretched life. I handle going to school anymore and I couldn't face my parents. There was no point in living anymore. And so, with just my backpack and the clothes on my back, I ran away into the woods to get away from my troubles.


The woods went on for a while and it was nearly nighttime when I stopped in front of a trickling creek. I still couldn't believe that I had given up everything just like that. I had no food, no spare clothes and nothing to help me survive in the wilderness.

I sat on a log and cried. My life was over. I couldn't go back to civilization and I certainly couldn't survive out here. There was no point in living anywhere.

I was so occupied with my troubles that I failed to hear something walking up behind me. All I felt was a hand on the back of my neck that slightly startled me. I would have looked up, but there was something unnatural about the hand. It didn't feel... normal. It was slim like a woman's, but there was a slight... oddity about it. It felt slightly furry, almost like a paw.

I froze and allowed the hand to travel down my left shoulder. Another, similar hand appeared on my right one and they both snaked their way down my front. Whatever it was had just embraced me in a hug from behind. I then heard a sound like it was... sniffing me!

"You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?" It said in a soft, feminine voice.

Okay... it was furry, it was female and it was talking to me! I was saved the trouble of looking at it directly when it sat down on the log next to me. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a cute black nose on the tip of a pointed blue muzzle. Its face was a pale blue and it had soft sea-green eyes and two pointed ears on top of its head.

"It's okay," it told me. "I won't hurt you."

I finally looked directly at it and immediately backed up. It appeared to be a magnificent blue-furred fox. But this was not any regular fox. It was about as big as I was tall and appeared to stand on two legs. It had a lean, trim figure that most women would only dream about.

It had plenty of fur, as I could see that its coat was mostly blue except for a white patch on its torso area. It also had a leather-and-bark bra and a cloth around its loins. It bothered me slightly that it was a cross between a fox and a human female and that it hadn't bothered to put any clothes on. Its feet, though, more closely resembled paws than its hands did. Its hands had five thick, furry fingers with a black pad under them. It also had a large, puffy, blue tail that was about half as big as she was.

If I was to classify it, I guess I would call it a fox, but I had never seen a blue-furred fox before in either the wild, the zoos or in books. However, when it spoke again, I supposed that I could call "it" a "she".

"You look like you've never seen a fox before."

This confirmed that I hadn't been hearing things. I got up and made to run off. However, she seemed more scared of me leaving than I was of her.

"Please don't leave!" she pleaded. "No one has ever come to visit me before!"

I froze. Somehow, I figured that she wouldn't hurt me. I sat down again but kept my distance.

"There... that's better. See, I won't hurt you."

I didn't know what to say. A fox-human was talking to me and I didn't know how to respond.

Finally, I said, "Um... if you don't mind me asking... what are you?" I immediately regretted saying this. This was the first woman that I had ever spoken to and I had to say, "What are you?"

However, she didn't seem to mind. In fact, she actually giggled!

"I'm a fox! A lunar fox to be precise. Haven't you ever seen one before?"

I shrugged. "I've seen plenty of foxes in my life. TV, magazines, zoos... but none of them could stand on their hind legs, talk, hug or sport..." I swallowed. "Blue fur or a bikini before."

She giggled again and scooted closer to me. I was nearly on the edge of the log.

"I was... you could say... "born" on the night of a blue moon. A lunar fox is about as rare as seeing a full solar eclipse around here." The last words that I had said finally clicked in her mind and she blushed heavily. "I hope you don't mind me wearing this. I guess I've gotten used to it out in the wilderness. They say that nature can let loose, so I think I should too."

I was literally on the edge of my seat as she inched closer. This was a lot for me to take in. The first girl in a bikini that I had ever been close to happened to come with a four-foot tail.

She seemed to notice that she was making me uncomfortable, so she inched away a little and looked off into the sky.

"So, what brings you out here?"

I frowned and looked away. "I'd rather not talk about it. It's just too painful."

The vixen looked at me with her soft sea-green eyes and smiled. "I bet I know. You're one of Mitchell Mueller's victims, aren't you?"

I blinked. "How did you know?"

She approached me again, but this time she put a furry paw on my arm. I flinched when she touched me, but it was probably because she had touched an old bruise from a previous beating.

"Oops, I'm sorry. I can tell that you have been beaten many times before."

"How do you know?" I asked again.

"Because... I used to get bullied all the time back when I went to school."

I didn't quite get this. "You went to school?"

"Yeah... last year. I used to get bullied all the time by the head cheerleader, Nona White."

Wait a minute! "Nona White disappeared last year after someone named Krystal Marker committed suicide! You didn't know her, did you?"

The blue vixen sighed and took her hand off my arm. "I did. She was the worst! She mocked me because I had an obsession with nature and science. I tried out for the cheerleaders to get the same status as her, but I sucked eggs at it! It was so bad that I eventually ran away so that I could forget the whole thing."

"I feel sorrier for you than I do for myself." I was fighting the choice to put a hand on her shoulder to comfort her. But one question still bothered me. "But how can you go to school if you're a... a...?"

"A fox?" She sniffed and scooted away. "I didn't always used to be one. The day that I ran away, I met a fox like I am now and we built a relationship. He had once been human as well and he had changed just like I had."

"But how did you become a fox in the first place?"

"I begged him to change me like he had been once, and he did."

Something didn't quite add up. "But...?"

"After he did, he felt ashamed of it and left me. Ever since then, I've been living alone in the woods ever since."

She took a break and ran her paws through her tail for a while. I reflected on what she had said. She was just like me and she had chosen this life instead of dealing with life as a freshman.

A strange thought ran through my mind. What if "I" could join her? Life in the wild as an anthro fox didn't seem that bad. No pressure, no social status to keep in check and no one telling you what to do.

But then I got a grip on myself. What was I thinking?! I didn't even know the risks of becoming an animal and it probably was worse than being a freshman. Besides, I didn't even know her name!

Then as if she had read my mind, the vixen looked at me and voiced exactly what I was thinking.

"I'm sorry; I've been talking too much and I never did ask your name."

I fumbled a little, but finally said, "Alex Schaefer. What's yours?"

She flinched and looked around. "If I tell you, you need to promise me something. You have to promise that you'll never tell anyone. Not your friends, not your parents, absolutely no one! Promise?" I nodded. She must be really petrified of letting her name out. She swallowed and seemed to be preparing for me to spaz out or something. "My name is... Krystal. Krystal Marker."

I could not believe my ears. My eyes were in danger of falling out of my head and my jaw nearly hit the ground.

"You... you're Krystal Marker? The Krystal Marker?! Everyone says that you committed suicide!"

She suddenly looked scared. "Please, Alex. You can't tell anyone! I mean no one! If they found out about me... I mean, they'd never under understand! Please don't tell anyone!"

I nodded. I understood her plight. I had never gone back on my word. Even if I did tell someone, even the most nosy, gossip-ridden townspeople would find it hard to believe that this... beautiful, "foxy" lady was actually the deceased Krystal Marker.

She smiled and sighed, relieved. Getting up, she made to walk back into the woods. Before she disappeared from view, she turned back to me. "What's the matter? Didn't you want to take a walk with me?"

I hastily got to my feet. I hadn't expected this, but since I had nowhere to go, I guess I had nothing to lose.

For a while, we walked along a path deep in the woods, the two of us both unusually quiet after that whole ordeal. Finally, I couldn't take the silence anymore. There was something I needed to know.

"Krystal, what happened? How did you become a fox... I mean a blue fox in the first place?"

She glanced at me with a smile on her face. "Didn't I tell you?"

"You did, but you didn't tell me how you turned into a lunar fox or what ever happened to Nona White."

Krystal sighed and leaned on a tree. "Remember what I said about the male fox that made me like this? I actually ran into him weeks before I supposedly "committed suicide". I told him everything that had happened to me involving Nona White."

"And that would be...?"

Krystal let out a sarcastic, bark-like laugh. "Ha! What didn’t happen to me? I've seen and endured it all! Dumpster dumps, pink bellies, purple nurples, "Yo Mama" jokes, swirlies... I could go on forever! Nona and her gang of cheerleaders did it all to me because I looked like a natural geek. That little... bee-yatch--" I realized that she didn't like to swear normally. "--and her little friends haunted my every step and made my life hell at every opportunity. It still burns me up to even think about it!"

She paused to recuperate. I felt a nagging case of irony involving me and Mitch Mueller being revealed in her story. Granted, I had never seen a girl get a purple nurple before, but the experience was still painful nonetheless.

"So one night, I went out for a walk in the woods and I came across someone like me... well, more like they found me. But it was a male instead. I told him my story and he told me his. It turns out that he had once been human and had gone to the same school that we had years earlier. When he said that he had been changed, I asked him if he could do it to me... and he said yes. But unlike me, he wasn't proud of being a fox and was rather reluctant to do the same to me.

"But I wasn't giving in. Every night for the next two weeks, I came to visit him and begged him to be transformed. Finally, one year ago on the night of a blue moon, he took me to his den and... changed me."

Okay... this made some sense, but I was yearning to know more. "How? How did he change you?"

Krystal gulped and looked down, unsure whether to tell me. "We... slept together and... he kissed me."

WHOA!!! That was a little too much information! I suddenly regretted ever considering transforming like her. However, Krystal smiled and hooked her tail around my waist. I was stupefied as she detached herself from me and continued walking. It was five full minutes before I snapped out of it and caught up to her. There was one more thing that I needed to know.

"Krystal! What ever happened to Nona?"

Krystal grinned widely and I counted many pointed teeth. "Would you like to meet her?"

I hesitated, but nodded slowly. I wasn't sure if I wanted to believe anymore of these strange events. I had already met an anthro fox -- something that shouldn't even exist -- and discovered that a dead girl was still alive. But apparently this night wasn't over yet. Nona was alive as well? The town has had to deal with the alleged deaths of two girls, and they were both still alive?

I followed Krystal even deeper into the woods at a continuous downward slope until we reached a small ravine by the creek. Further down the slope was a well-concealed cave hidden mostly by fallen trees so that only a small opening near the top could be seen. In fact, the only way to reach the opening was with a nylon rope that Krystal had tied to a branch up above and climb up the broken trunks.

Once inside, though, all you had to do was climb down a pile of stones that Krystal had piled near the entrance. It was a well-kept dwelling for a fox's den. It had a large, flat stone with a plastic sheet over it in a corner covered with various drawing paraphernalia. A collection of silver kitchenware and stone plates along with various open Tupperware containers and chicken bones lined several stone shelves on the wall. Some reading books, magazines and framed pictures were next to a make-shift bed out of blankets and pillows on the floor. Apparently, these kinds of things could not be found just lying around in the woods.

"Little trinkets from home, I guess?" I asked her, stating the obvious.

"Yep. Just because I'm an animal, doesn't mean I have to live completely like one."

"I see your point." I dismissed the topic. "So... where's Nona?"

Krystal smiled and whistled a high note. Then, as if it had been called, a red fox crawled out of a pile of wood chips in a corner of the den and meandered over to them. Krystal picked up the fox and turned to me, scratching it behind the ears.

"Alex, meet Nona. Nona, this is my new friend Alex."

The fox didn't appear to understand her and I had to sit down to figure this all out. "Wait a minute. What happened to her? Why are you an anthro fox while she's a full fox?"

Krystal smiled as if remembering some sweet victory. She set Nona down and rubbed the fur on her back.

"There are some things, Alex, which even science can't explain. You may not believe it, but magic does exist in this world. This is why I turned out differently than Nona did. You see, Nona didn't sleep with the one who changed me -- I did this to her.

"After I changed, I wanted to get back at Nona for what she had done to me." I had a feeling that I knew where this was headed. "So, I waited until Nona was all by herself and hid nearby. When she got close enough, I jumped her and we quarreled for a moment. Thankfully, I was much stronger than her after the transformation and I bit her on the shoulder. Before she knew what was happening, she was already changing."

I was nearly speechless from what she was telling me. "Revenge must have felt so sweet after all that time. I wish someone would do that to Mitchell." I took the pleasure of picturing myself standing over a helpless fox that had once been Mitchell Mueller. But Krystal took my hand in her furry paw.

"You never know, do you?" I noticed that Krystal was looking nervously at me. She had let Nona go back to her den. "Alex, I've heard about your situation with Mitchell and I think it would be doing the community a big favor if... well... you know..."

She cut off, but I stroked her paw reassuringly. The thought of what she could do to Mitchell would be better than all my birthdays and Christmases put together.

But there was a hitch. "But... I... I don't want to be the one to do it," she said concernedly. "I mean... he's not MY enemy. He should be punished by one of his own victims."

"Say what?" I didn't get it.

Krystal bit her lip nervously and sighed. "What I'm trying to say is..."

She leaned forward and planted a gentle kiss on my left cheek. I nearly passed out from the shock, but my heart seemed to flutter all of a sudden. I had gotten my first... well, almost first kiss from a... beautiful woman that had approached me first. Krystal pulled back gently and stroked the same spot with her paw.

"Stay here with me... at least for tonight. Let me... change you... so you can get your revenge on Mitchell."

I almost did pass out that time. I backed up off the stone chair and fell onto the floor. I continued to back up until I hit a wall.

"Are you mad?!" I said, scared out of my mind. "I can't do that! What about my parents? My life? My entire being? I can just give up everything that I've worked for for this!"

Krystal sighed, walked over to me and squatted in front of me. "Alex, think about it. There is no limit to what you can do out here. There are no rules, no authorities, and no school. You would never have to worry about homework, bullies or working in some two-bit fast food restaurant in order to make money for college."

"But... what about my parents and my family? I can't just leave them!"

"You don't have to," Krystal said reassuringly. "I still see my family and friends like clockwork. You can visit them any time you want and even invite them out here if you want. They would probably explain it to your relatives and you would become a natural celebrity. I know that we just met, but I like you. You understand my situation and our relationship could go a long way.

"And besides..." She looked out of the cave opening at the radiant moonlight shining in. "Tonight's a blue moon. If you do it tonight, we can be a pair of identically-colored foxes. You'd have a better chance of finding a unicorn than seeing a pair of lunar foxes in one spot."

She was right in a way. There was that benefit along with every single one that she had mentioned. I could still see my family and I would finally have the ability to completely wipe Mitchell from the community. Besides, I had never been that successful in my life as a human. Maybe life as an anthro fox would be better-suited for me. After all, I had someone to teach me the ropes.

Fine. I had made up my choice. "I'll do it." I had always wished for a simpler life. And how much more simple could an animal's life be? Plus I would have the advantage of human intellect.

Krystal's sea-green eyes glittered brightly and she extended a paw to help me up. We then walked over to the pile of blankets and she started fidgeting with my shirt collar. Getting the message, I pulled off my shirt and pulled down my pants. However, Krystal stopped me before I could go further.

"You don't need to go that far. We're still just friends."

I sighed and watched her lie down on the blankets, motioning me to join her. I did and then the magic began.

Krystal's sapphire-blue fur felt like a soft, furry blanket against my human skin. It tickled in some areas, but the softest fur was on her tail. It was softer than the finest cashmere that money could buy.

Suddenly, I felt a sharp pain at the base of my neck. I slapped a hand to it to find out that Krystal had bitten me! Uh-oh. If this was how she had turned Nona White into a fox, then I was dead meat.

"Krystal, what -- MMPH!"

She had immediately locked lips with me. I was slightly taken aback that she had just done this but soon my confusion melted into pleasure. Now I had gotten my first kiss and it felt... good. Words can't describe the feeling of pleasure that I now felt. I had been kissed by a beautiful anthro fox and she was changing me just like she had been exactly one year ago.

During this, the feeling of the "venom" that had been introduced into my body via Krystal's bite changed from a burning feeling to an icy chill. It was as if her kiss had somehow reversed its effects.

Detaching from each other's lips, Krystal and I waited in the makeshift bed for the process to begin. Krystal gasped and looked into my eyes and the both of us felt something very strange but very real. We had fallen in love with each other. I had a warm and furry feeling that my life was going to be very enjoyable from now on...

...or that could have been the feeling that I now felt all over my face. I couldn't see it, but patch of clear-white fur had sprouted in-between my eyes and began progressing over my face.

"It's beginning," said Krystal in awe. "How do you feel?"

"Strange," I said as my face pushed forward into a fox's muzzle. Short whiskers also sprouted from the tip of it. "It doesn't hurt, but it feels really weird. Did it do this when you did it?"

"Yeah. Don't worry, none of it really hurts, it's just... unusual."

"I just said that!" I started to argue, but the sensations that I was feeling drowned out my annoyance.

My nose shifted its position to the tip of my new muzzle, becoming round, cold, wet and black. I also began to smell things that my human nose could barely pick up and things that I hadn't smelled at all. To go along with it, my eyes changed from a deep-brown to an emerald-green color.

Also, the white fur on my face turned to a radiant sapphire-blue around the edges. My hair color shifted from light-brown to a much thicker light-blue color. My ears then relocated themselves to the top of my head where they became pointed and my hearing increased ten-fold.

Krystal and I locked lips again and she rolled me over on top of her. "You're not gonna want to be on your back for this part," she said, knowing what was about to happen.

I felt the fur progress to and down my back like a miniature wave. It then rounded my sides and went from blue to white again on my torso. The fur then proceeded down my legs and all the way down to my feet.

A strange pressure-like sensation started pushing against my shorts. With a loud ripping noise, my shorts became tatters as a brand-new tail erupted from my backside.

With several dull snap noises, my feet rearranged themselves into four-clawed padded paws. Thankfully like everything else, it did not hurt. A similar experience occurred with my hands, turning them into five-clawed padded paws that were slightly thicker than Krystal's own.

"How do you feel?" she asked me when it was all over.

"I... I feel..." There was only one word to describe what I felt: "Free! I've never felt so free in my life!"

"That's good, because I've got a little something for the free man."

I swallowed as she pulled me towards her.


I had never been sexually involved in my life before, but Krystal brought a whole new meaning to the game.

My hormone levels had nearly tripled after my transformation. I had never known foxes to be so... "intimate" before. However, what happened between the two of us seemed to come naturally.

I laid on top of Krystal and ran my paw down her front. She enjoyed the feeling of fur on fur and I could have sworn that I heard her purring deep in her chest.

Had the both of us removed our undergarments, it would have been an entirely different experience. However, we had just met, so we didn't rush things right away.

I lied on top of Krystal and buried my head in her shoulder. She sighed and ran her fingers down my back and toyed with my tail. What a feeling! I can barely describe the pleasurable sensation of having someone run their fingers through your fur. It felt like someone was petting me and the skin underneath your fur was tingling with pleasure.

"You've done this before?" I asked her as the two of us locked our muzzles in a kiss of delight.

"No. My relationships never work out."

"I can hardly tell," I managed to say as she sucked on my long tongue.

We managed to change positions so that Krystal was on top and I was on the bed. She flipped over and laid back on my chest. Running my hand down her side, Krystal put her hands on mine and drew them up to her muzzle. She gnawed at my pads while I chewed on her ear in response. So, she wanted to play rough, eh? I lowered my paws down her backside enough for her to yelp and suddenly chuckle.

"Tough guy. Come here!"

She flipped back over and sank her fangs into my shoulder again. I yelped and whined not unlike a fox and managed to pry her muzzle off me. It didn't hurt; it was just so... sudden. Fortunately, it didn't change me this time. She improvised by licking the wound with her red tongue and I licked the fur on the back of her head with a similar tongue.

Once she was done, she finally seemed to have had enough. I was both relieved and grateful that I had undergone and survived a dress rehearsal of anthro fox intimacy. Krystal rolled off me and fell asleep on the bed. I soon fell asleep too and was dreaming within minutes.


The following evening, I woke up to find that Krystal had left. Had she abandoned me? No... I had a feeling that she would be back. I rolled off the blankets and got up. I soon noticed a scribbled note on a piece of paper on the stone table nearby. It read:

"Alex... Went to set it up. Be back soon. Love..."

A muddy pawprint matching Krystal's own signed the note. I smiled. Krystal was obviously laying the trap for me to ambush Mitchell Mueller.

While she was gone, I decided to take in the pleasures of my new anthro form. Many strange and wondrous new smells and sounds permeated the room. I could smell the various items leftover in the Tupperware containers that lined the shelves near the "kitchen". From the smell of things, Krystal was a big duck fanatic. Roast duck, marinated duck, duck-kabobs... She had even licked the bowls and the skewers clean to get every last bit of flavor out of them.

She also enjoyed purple grapes and fresh apples. I had always known foxes to be omnivores and eat virtually anything. From the looks of the containers, her mother prepared most of them just for her.

I could also hear and see much better than before. The dim den was much easier to navigate because foxes are used to the darkness. I could also hear Nona the fox rustling in her den on the other side of the cavern wall. I smiled for two reasons. One, because I was about to finally get my revenge on Mitchell. And Two, because Nona would probably get a new mate after this whole ordeal.

An hour later and Krystal hadn't returned yet. Feeling a little uneasy, I decided to head outside to the stream to take a bath. I waded waist-deep into the river and went under. Coming back up, I used some soap that Krystal had had in the cave and scrubbed my fur all over.

The moon was shining down through the gap in the trees and was causing my sapphire-blue fur to literally glow. It radiated brightly in the night like a star. This must have been one of the reasons why lunar foxes were so rare -- their pelt must sell for quite a pretty penny around here.

I was just getting out of the water when Krystal returned smiling like she had just beaten the devil.

"What are you so happy about?" I asked her, shaking myself dry like a dog.

"It's all set. Mitchell will be outside Fantastic Sam's at 9:00 tomorrow morning. You shouldn't have any problems getting him then."

I grinned widely as well. "Well done, love. This'll be cake."

The two of us climbed back into the den and went back into the bed. In just a few hours I would have my sweet revenge and my life would finally start off on the right paw.


About an hour before 9:00, I was making my way through the woods to the rear of Fantastic Sam's Salon. I could taste victory as I licked my chops hungrily. One little bite in the jugular and it would be all over. Standing in the woods near the rear of the salon, I waited patiently for Mitchell to appear. I was so close, I could taste it.

Right on schedule, Mitchell appeared at the rear of the building holding a note. Krystal said that she had sent out a note to Mitchell stating that a fan of his from his football games at school wanted to meet him behind the salon at 9:00 sharp. Oh, he would meet that fan, alright. One that desperately wanted to capture his attention.

I waited calmly for him to get closer. I rose up even higher on my digitigrade feet while he wandered closer. He came so close to my hiding spot that I could see the whites of his eyes, but he was too preoccupied with the note to notice me.

Just then, he looked up and I smiled toothily. "Hello... Mitchell."

He was so petrified that his normally colorful face flushed its color down the drain. He stood rooted to the spot as I launched myself at him, tackling him to the ground. Mitchell fought back on instinct, but his football player-like strength was no match for my enhanced anthro muscles.

He wasn't going to let me bite him, but that didn't stop me from trying. We locked hands with him on the ground as he tried to wrestle me off of him. Unfortunately, I was winning.

"Look at me, Mueller," I snarled at him. "You once made my life and so many others' lives hell. You once ruled with strength and power. Well, how do like facing someone even stronger and more powerful than you."

Mitchell suddenly realized who it was he was struggling against. "Wait a minute! You're that Schaefer kid! How can this be?!"

I grinned, showing many pointed fangs in the process. "Just you wait. Your reign of terror in this town has come to an end."

I snapped my jaws at him, causing him to flinch and drop his grip for a split second. It was all I needed. I broke through his defenses and sank my teeth into his throat.

The effect was instantaneous. Blood only shot out of his neck for a second before the wound sealed over without so much as a scar. I climbed off of him and let out a bark-like laugh. He had been paralyzed, but only temporarily.

In the meantime, Krystal came out of the woods and we both hugged and kissed each other. "Good going, love! You got him!"

"I did, didn't I?" I was over the moon as I turned to the fallen Mitchell Mueller. "Time for you to feel the pain and suffering that you caused me ten-fold, Mueller. I hope you learn a very important lesson when this is through. Oh... that's right. You won’t. In fact, you won't ever remember anything at all after today."

For the first time, I could see tears forming in Mitch's eyes. He was going to suffer a fate worse than any of the beatings that he ever dealt out. Krystal and I watched Mitchell Mueller's fate unfold.

Mitch had regained control of his body, but he immediately raised his hands and freaked out. They had begun to shrink with jet-black fur sprouting all over them. He got up but immediately fell forward onto his hands and knees. He looked up at us, looking as if he wanted to beg us to stop it. His face screwed up with pain as pain shot through it. His nose began to stretch forward and the bones in his face began to reshape very harshly.

"Oh, did I forget to mention?" said Krystal, kissing me on the cheek. "People who are bitten but not given the antidote immediately have to suffer through the transformation. It isn't like ours at all."

"I'm just glad our experience was much more... pleasant," I said, running a hand over her tail and smiling evilly at Mitchell.

Mitch screamed as his spine snapped in several places and began to shrink. His legs cracked violently as the fur spread over them like a wave of locusts. His feet shrank and reshaped while his spine snapped again, rearranging itself for four-legged travel. He soon disappeared into his clothes.

Krystal walked over and peeled his clothes away, now way too big for the former all-star athlete. Mitchell let out a squeak before falling to his paws and feet. He squeaked several more times before a sound like paper shredding ripped through the woods. A bushy red tail burst through his backside and immediately grew to its full length. I realized that his squeaking was getting higher. Within a few moments, everything that Mitchell knew -- his personality, his memories and who he was -- was simply washed away. Now all he felt was pure instinct and camaraderie with the two larger foxes nearby.

I picked Mitchell up and grinned at the much smaller fox. Krystal walked over to the pile of clothing and picked up the silver sapphire pendant that Mitchell had taken from me two days before.

She walked back over to me and handed it to me. "I believe this belongs to you, love."

I laughed and took it. I pulled her close and kissed her on the nose and nuzzled her. Our lives had just taken a turn for the better. We had been given a new lease on life and we planned to live it out to the fullest.


The next day, we went to my house and did our best to break the news to them that their son had turned into a six-foot fox. Though they didn't believe it at first and once they had gotten over the initial shock, they soon accepted the life that I had chosen. To this day, my family still comes to visit me in the same woods where Krystal and I lived.

Nona and Mitchell soon warmed up to each other and to this day they have had two litters of kits. Nona is one of the most protective mothers a baby could ask for.

Krystal and I also have a son and daughter of our very own. I'm happier than I have ever been; I got revenge on the bully that was plaguing my life and I had very beautiful wife to spend the rest of my life with.

To this day, I still think about the events that led me to this life, and I figured... it was probably written in fate that I would choose this life. Nevertheless, I look forward to whatever surprises life has in store for me and my lovely wife, Krystal.



Coming soon from shadowlugia249: Hybrid Theory Ruby. Sapphire and Emerald Versions. Based on X-Men, three Pokemon Hybrids join together to stop an evil organization from taking over the Planet Earth.