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shadowlugia249's Transformation Story Archive

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Transformation Story Archive

Behold the Transformation stories straight from the mind of shadowlugia249!

Transformation Type
Pokemon: Mewtwo
Pokemon: Lugia
Yu-Gi-Oh!/Dragon: Hyozanryu
Dreams Come True 3: The Dream Traveler (Coming Soon!)
Video Games: Klonoa
Mythical Creatures/Video Games: Flammie
Flammie and Glory 2: Mano-a-Mana (Coming soon!)
Mythical Creatures/Video Games: Flammie
Anthro: Fox
Pokemon Hybrid: Electrike
Pokemon Hybrid: Blaziken
Pokemon Hybrid: Suicune
Pokemon Hybrid: Lugia
Anthro: Orca
Anthro: Fox
Mythical Creatures/Video Games: Moogle
Pokemon: Lugia
Pokemon: Latios
Pokemon: Latias
White God
Dragon: Siron

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